Our Vision

Tabsera is an Arabic work which means to provide insight. Since we are an educational products and services company. Our goal to provide education insight.


Our Mission

Our mission to free those oppressed by ignorance with education and the jobless with career building and make them tomorrows leaders.


A simple idea became big!

Tabsera is educational service that provides gamified elearning courses for K-12 students, online live tutoring, and educational physical product slike stationary, toys, etc.


In order to create quality e-learning programs we conduct a thorough Learner Analysis, we promote literacy in many ways through our business processes, we upgrade the quality of lives we touch and we adhere to the industry standards for online learning.

  1. We provide gamified eLearning courses for K-12
  2. We provide interactive freelance tutoring platform for tutors and students.
  3. We offer eLearning courses as per the Cambridge System.
  4. We offer learning portfolio tools for teachers and students.
  5. We also offer online training programs for teachers (Technology Tools Teacher Training T4)
  6. We will also be proving virtual reality lab experience for science subjects in IGCSE levels.



How it works

1- Determine the subject you want to master

2- Chose the tutor you preferred among highly skilled and qualified tutors

3- Request course and start your learning journey!

Contact Us

Contact Detail

  • ADDRESS Business Center RAKEZ
    Boulevard Plaza Tower 2, (Floor 22), Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, downtown - United Arab Emirates
  • Phone 1-860-881-2235
  • Mobile 971-503805023
  • Web Site http://www.tabsera.com/