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Types of memberships:-

Starter package “commission based”

No pre-payments required!

Enjoy all features for free during first month

White board minutes per month: 7200 Personal library storage: 2.4GB for extra GB and whiteboard minutes check extra bundles ability to record & add sessions to your library Access to tabsera basic content: free Access to tabsera premium content: free Tabser’s fees is 40% on actually tutored hour. “you only get charged on what you really got”. special discount while upgrading to professional packages. AD hoc sessions support. minimum hour price 5 USD or 18.37 AED equivalent

Professional package

After getting familiar with tabsera’s environment and want to share more knowledge it also the optimum solution for NGO’s and educational organizations. we introduce professional packages:


package price: $10


package price: $50


package price: $100


package price: $150


contact us at to request a customized demo

best for schools - NGOs

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